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  1. link Robinchester
    this drug sucks ass and needs to be taken off the shelf
    Robinchester- over a year ago - in Actiq
  2. link Toyscuffs
    Actiq unc chapel hill, pain mgmt, delusional, legal documents, memory
    Confusion, delusional. signed legal documents under the influence, had no memory of the event and probably did not care at the time. Came to, got clea - 45% more...
    Toyscuffs- over a year ago - in Actiq
  3. link Jb2
    Actiq dental insurance, great dental, length of time
    actiq has DESTROYED every single tooth in my mouth except one, and the reason that one wasnt destroyed was because i broke it first, years ago, its a - 74% more...
    Jb2- over a year ago - in Actiq
  4. link Suzanlind2
    Actiq root canals, gum line, cephalon, ths, enamel
    I used Actiq and it ate the enamel off all of my teeth. I now need root canals on every tooth as well as having gum line carries The total cost for th - 44% more...
    Suzanlind2- over a year ago - in Actiq
  5. link Nycityboricua
    oral actiq
    How do you use oral actiq. Do you suck it? Chew it?
    Nycityboricua- over a year ago - in Actiq
  6. link Falconman
    please help
    Hello. My stepson has a situation, and it's not very good. I am in chronic pain, and he got into my medication stash and stupidly ate a whole 800 mcg - 64% more...
    Falconman- over a year ago - in Actiq
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