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  1. link Benadams201
    Good rx list
    FDA Approved medicines without prescription Kindly place your orders here with heavy discounts available, Call and text 1(775)-773-5306 Whatspp only : - 81% more...
    Benadams201- 10 months ago - in Acthar Gel, H.P.
  2. link Liatris
    is acthar safw for diabetics?
    I've has type I diabetes for 40 years and am hesitant to take steroids. I had 1/2 doses of prednisone for frozen shoulder spaced out over 1 1/2 years - 36% more...
    Liatris- over a year ago - in Acthar Gel, H.P.
  3. link Omary09
    Acthar Gel, H.P.
    the whole body swelling up and turning red, then hard to breath, sensitive to touch -hurts all over,
    Omary09- over a year ago - in Acthar Gel, H.P.
  4. link Keltkath
    Acthar Gel and I.S.
    Can anyone tell me if and when the FDA approved Acthar Gel for the treatment of Infantile Spasms. I see read where in August of 2007 the company recei - 58% more...
    Keltkath- over a year ago - in Acthar Gel, H.P.
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