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  1. link Kat02
    Accutane premature ovarian failure, infertility
    Has anyone had problems with losing their period or infertility or premature ovarian failure or anything in that range...and also has taken accutane s - 13% more...
    Kat02- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Accutane
  2. link Kaykins
    Accutane natural sugars, having a bad day, dry lips, rough patches, face mask
    I'm on the beginning of my second month of accutane. I've been getting really bad huge cysts for 2 years now and accutane along with other natural rem - 93% more...
    Kaykins- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Accutane
  3. link Tanyastanger4987
    Accutane life threatning, brain surgen, miracle drug, type 1 diabetes, dermo
    i also took roaccutane at the end 2003 and while still taking the so called miracle drug i developed type 1 diabetes it wasn't just coincidence that i - 82% more...
    Tanyastanger4987- over a year ago - in Accutane
  4. link Funda
    Accutane frequent mouth ulcers, extreme mood swings, sensitive gums, cyctic acne, roaccutane
    I am 23, and am currently on 60mg dosage of roaccutane, which i have been taking for almost 24 weeks. It has made a significant change to my skin. All - 85% more...
    Funda- over a year ago - in Accutane
  5. link Mama2jackson
    Accutane uneventful childhood, bipolar disorder, social anxiety, anti depressants, quantity size
    PLEASE PARENTS AND THOSE PRESENTED WITH ACCUTANE AS AN OPTION: DO NOT DO IT!!! I took this when I was 15 (I'm 24 now). I was on 40mg twice a day for 5 - 92% more...
    Mama2jackson- over a year ago - in Accutane
  6. link Belle2807
    alternative to accutane - burdock root capsules?
    for any of you out there that took burdock root capsules as an alternative to accutane or took it instead of accutane.. what was the mg dosage you too - 2% more...
    Belle2807- over a year ago - in Accutane
  7. link Carr2
    accutane and depression
    Does depression start the first month of Accutane or does it hit after you have been on the medication for a period of time? Anyone had experience wit - 5% more...
    Carr2- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Accutane
  8. link Whoisthisperson
    Accutane recommended age range, emotional side effects, dry lips, good doctor, clear skin
    I was 23 (the recommended age range is anything past your teens) and took Accutane for 6 months. I was closely monitored by a good doctor and had no i - 80% more...
    Whoisthisperson- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Accutane
  9. link Carr2
    accutane and red marks
    I have posted several questions about Accutane because my grandson is on it. My questions now is---has anyone developed red marks that seem to be scar - 60% more...
    Carr2- over a year ago - in Accutane
  10. link Carr2
    Accutane loss of appetite, dizziness, fatigue, pills
    My grandson has been on Accutane for 1 week and has experienced fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite and of course dryness. He is sticking it out hopi - 38% more...
    Carr2- over a year ago - in Accutane
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