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  1. link Honeypots
    We All Need a class actionsuit
    I really think they need a class action suit on this drug i don't understand why there still giving it to people it has changed my life started out wi - 75% more...
    Honeypots- over a year ago - in Accupril
  2. link Honeypots
    Accupril ruined my life
    While taking accupril i developed a bad cough and throwing up towel fulls of phlem as a result of this it damaged my heart liver lungs and spine bewar - 13% more...
    Honeypots- over a year ago - in Accupril
  3. link Ingi
    Accupril bowel motions, gp
    I have been on Accupril 5 mg daily for 2 weeks and feel nauseated and have 1 to 2 loose bowel motions a day. Will these symptoms improve? Should I per - 17% more...
    Ingi- over a year ago - in Accupril
  4. link Iaat
    Accupril Allergies
    allergic to many things.
    Iaat- over a year ago - in Accupril
  5. link Mdmchugh
    Accupril buspar, plavix, zocor, tingling hands, hands and feet
    Nor sure if it is Accupril, but doctor seems to think it is. I have red, cold tingling hands annd feet. Although I also take Plavix (75 mg), Zocor (40 - 67% more...
    Mdmchugh- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Accupril
  6. link Malew4
    Accupril cough
    dry hacking cough that starts from a tickle in the back of my throat didnt realate it to accupril but accupril is a new drug i am taking, been taking - 24% more...
    Malew4- over a year ago - in Accupril
  7. link Dd
    Accupril and Atkins Diet
    Anyone with any info that Accupril may have on the Atkins Diet? I understand that some cardio meds may effect the metabolic rate needed for the Atkims - 26% more...
    Dd- over a year ago - in Accupril
  8. link Blpsport2
    Accupril cough
    Blpsport2- over a year ago - in Accupril
  9. link Joan.kasten
    Accupril cough
    I have a dry hacking cough which I never had but have gotten since taking Accupril. I also sometimes get dizzy and fatigued.
    Joan.kasten- over a year ago - in Accupril
  10. link Alviep
    Accupril dry cough, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, light headedness, hoarseness
    Side effects from Accupril? You name 'em, I got 'em. Started the drug about 2 weeks ago and have had dry cough, dizziness (usually when lying down and - 59% more...
    Alviep- over a year ago - in Accupril
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